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The construction of Raksha Towers, at Sector 68, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Construction Updates:  19th Dec 2016

Raksha Tower Micasa project at 68 sector Gurgaon is progressing well. Total labor force more than 200 workers are at site. Good quality steel, cement & other material is being used. Acquisition work for 60 mtr road is in progress by the state authorities. We hope to complete the project within specified time period. We request all our Raksha Towers clients to pay installments as per demand letter. Keep in touch if you have any query.

Raksha Towers

Construction Updates:  9th Nov 2016

Raksha Tower 1

Raksha Tower

Raksha Tower 2

Raksha Tower

Raksha Tower 3

Raksha Tower

Raksha Tower
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